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    Successful succession plans don't happen overnight. They take years of planning and strategic thinking to execute.

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    The impact of record-setting cold accompanied by heavy snow cover was at least Topic 1-A during the winter and early spring producer conferences and trade shows. It's quite likely that no one who experienced the harsh 2018–19 winter will ever forget it.

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    I don't mean to start on such a controversial note, but I'm extremely disappointed with Punxsutawney Phil this year. Instead of the early spring he promised, as I write this I am looking out a window where the snow is flying by and somewhere up to 9 inches are expected by...

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    HR Coach

    "How do I get my employees to listen?" It's an interesting request I hear often at farm shows and conferences. Many are fed up with employees not listening to their clearly stated steps. I even had one participant say, "I literally give each step a number, and they still...

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    Pest Watch

    If you're out in the field this summer, you might hear a faint "popping" noise coming from your corn. No, it's not the summer heat popping your corn off the cob. Instead, it may be a small beetle pulling the lever on its built-in ejector seat nearby. And, if you happen to...

  • Enlist E3 soybeans come a step closer to commercialization in 2019, after China announced its import approval of that trait along with other biotech crop traits, Image by Corteva


    China has opened its doors to additional biotech traits. The move marks the end of a 1½-year lag in the country's willingness to issue import approvals and comes in time to pose some interesting scenarios for the 2019 planting season.

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    Murray Bowen, a psychiatrist who practiced between the 1940s and 1980s, was a keen observer of families and, especially, families in crisis. He developed what is known as family systems theory, which holds that in a family, the family itself--not the individual--is the primary...