Progressive Farmer Launches Machinery Reader Insights Survey

(DTN/Progressive Farmer graphic)

The lineup of equipment farmers and ranchers use is not only a big investment, but helps to drive productivity and efficiency on their operations. Objective and insightful research on user satisfaction of farm equipment, however, is relatively limited.

That's a primary reason why Progressive Farmer is launching a fresh and innovative national machinery survey. The Progressive Farmer Reader Insights survey has been professionally designed to measure growers' overall experience and satisfaction with the equipment lines powering the productivity of their farms and ranches. The first category to be surveyed is tractors.

"Progressive Farmer does its best work when it shares the thoughts and ideas of farmers with other farmers," said Steve Matthesen, chief executive officer of DTN, the parent company of the magazine. "The Progressive Farmer Reader Insights survey does just that. It asks farm machinery owners to share their experiences with other farmers, from one farmer to another. We believe this is the real value our customers will find in this survey."

"We believe farmers will find this first survey about tractors interesting for sure, but also highly engaging -- and as the results are made known, exceptionally informative," said Gregg Hillyer, editor in chief of Progressive Farmer. "Responses will form the basis of our tractor rankings. We believe, too, farmers' responses will provide equipment manufacturers with information they can use in future developments of their products."

The study is conducted in partnership with SOCAL Approach Marketing and Consulting Group, a respected expert in the marketing research industry. Printed surveys are being mailed to a geographically diverse sample of farmers and ranchers selected from the magazine's extensive database. Postcards were mailed prior to the survey to inform farmers the Progressive Farmer Reader Insights survey was on the way. There is also an option to complete the questionnaire online.

All comments will remain anonymous, and results will be published in the June 2020 issue of Progressive Farmer.

"We encourage farmers and ranchers to take the time to complete the survey," said Hillyer. "We plan to take the lessons learned from this first survey and use them to develop additional surveys on growers' experience and satisfaction with various types of equipment."

Farmers and ranchers who complete the survey before April 10, 2020, are eligible to be entered into a drawing for one of five $100 VISA Gift Cards. All participating farmers will receive an email summary of the Progressive Farmer Reader Insights survey findings once the results have been published.



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