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Mike Palmerino
By  Mike Palmerino , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist

Continued comments regarding a slow harvest in the western Midwest due to soft/muddy fields are not being reflected in the condition of the crop. Producers in the western Midwest continue to concentrate on the soybean harvest which is running between 40% and 65% complete. The corn harvest is only running at 15% to 25% complete. This progress is behind normal for both crops. Harvest progress for corn in the eastern Midwest is running ahead of normal while soybean progress is at or behind normal. Indiana and Ohio continue to comment about disease and mold issues for corn. However this is not being reflected in any lower ratings.

The weather outlook for the next seven days will continue to feature frequent enough episodes of scattered showers and thunderstorms in the Midwest to disrupt the harvest keeping progress generally behind normal, especially in the west and especially for corn.

Winter wheat planting continues to move along in the Southern Plains and is nearing completion in the more northern areas (Nebraska). Soil moisture is generally favorable to support crop establishment except in the far west with emergence and stand quality concerns being reported in eastern Colorado due to dryness. The outlook for the next seven days features very little rainfall along with mostly above normal temperatures.

Warm and dry weather in the Delta states favors the soybean harvest which is nearing completion in some areas. However it is slowing winter wheat planting. Only a few light showers and mostly above normal temperatures are expected during the next seven days.

Our calculation of the sea surface temperature departure in the equatorial eastern Pacific for the month of September was +0.3. It was 0.0 during the month of August. No sign of La Nina developing and fact a little warming is occurring at this time.




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