Back to Life: Farm Progress Show Featured Technology, Efficiency

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Raven brought its OMNiDrive driverless technology to the Farm Progress Show. Note: There is no driver hiding in that tractor cab. (DTN photo by Joel Reichenberger)

It was autonomous, automated, efficient and new. The Farm Progress Show in Illinois brought farmers and farm manufacturers back together for its first live show in two years. The following are some of the highlights from this year's show.



Raven Industries, Inc. took the opportunity of the Farm Progress Show's Autonomy Zone to demonstrate its OMNiDRIVE driverless tractor solution on a Case IH Magnum.

OMNiDRIVE allows the combine driver to control a driverless tractor -- in this case the tractor was towing a grain cart.

The process is straightforward. The combine driver syncs with the tractor by way of a tablet in the cab. The driverless tractor matches the speed of the combine for offloading. The combine operator can also stage the tractor and cart to a different area of the field as he continues to cut grain, or he can send the tractor with a full grain cart off to waiting semi-trucks.

Raven launched OMNiDRIVE this spring with a limited release of 75 systems. The technology is compatible with:

-- Case IH Magnum CVT (2014-20 models): M250/280/310/340/380 (available in October 2021);

-- New Holland CVT (2014-20 models): T8.320/350/380/410/435 (available in October 2021);

-- John Deere 8Rs Powershift and IVT (2010-current models)

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AGCO Corp. introduced a redesigned Massey Ferguson 5S Series tractor targeting livestock and hay producers. The 5S is available in three models ranging from 115 to 145 hp and will be available for delivery in 2022.

The 5S cab features large windows. A narrow, steep-nosed hood improves visibility.

Under the hood, tire-kickers will find the AGCO Power, 4-cylinder, 4.4-liter engine. The 5S Series transmission comes in two options--Dyna-4 (16-by-16) or Dyna-6 (24-by-24). A "Super-Eco" fuel consumption feature allows the tractor to reach 25 miles per hour at a low 1,530 RPM. The hydraulic system offers open and closed center systems providing up to 15 to 29 gallons per minute of flow.

The 5S's front linkage design offers lift capacities up to 6,600 pounds. The rear linkage lifts up to 10,300 pounds. An optional LED package lights up nighttime work.

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AGCO Corp. announced its Fendt 900 Gen7 Series and 1000 Gen3 Series tractors will now include its FendtONE operator station.

The FendtONE operator station provides producers with a streamlined and efficient work environment, AGCO said. FendtONE includes up to three large display screens (two 12-inch displays and a 10-inch screen behind the steering column that displays operating functions), as well as a new multifunctional joystick and customizable control buttons built into the right-hand armrest.

FendtONE connects with the operator inside the tractor cab and shares data back and forth from cab to office in real time.

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Hagie has updated its 204SP Detasseler and added to its John Deere new 4.5L 173-horsepower PowerTech Tier 4/Stage V engine. On-board fuel capacity has been increased to 90 gallons with a single fuel-fill location with DEF located on the righthand side service platform.

The blade on the updated cutter head contacts the corn sooner to improve cut. A QuickTach option on the cutter and puller heads makes it possible to change over from cutter to puller attachments by removing two locking pins on each head.

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Great Plains now offers Surefire Ag's liquid fertilizer application system for the BD7600 box drill.

The SureFire system is available for select models of the BD7600, including the 300-gallon (26-foot models and 30-foot models) and 400-gallon (40-foot models) tank options.

There are two pump options. The PumpRight, is a hydraulic-driven diaphragm pump, or the Tower, which is a 12-volt electric pump for the smaller BD7600 models.

The SureFire liquid fertilizer system can be ordered on new units for dealer or customer installation.

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AGCO Corp. has released a new automation feature for Fendt. The TeachIn (TI) Turn Assistant delivers "hands-free" turning in the headland. Turn Assistant joins Fendt's TI Headland package, which is a defined sequence of automated steps that completes a turn.

TeachIn automates a string of functions normally performed by the operator at the turn -- raise the implement, slow the tractor and make an accurate turn at the right place and time.

Now, when the tractor reaches a field's headland boundary, Fendt TI Headland activates the steps to prepare for the turn by slowing the tractor and raising the implement. Fendt TI Turn Assistant then turns the tractor and implement hands-free.

Fendt TI Turn Assistant has two modes. First, is manual start. The operator pushes a button to activate the turn left or right onto the next wayline. Second, is automatic start, which automatically turns the tractor on the wayline without operator assistance.

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-- Continental TractorMaster and VF TractorMaster tires are now available as an original equipment option for Case IH tractor series Vestrum, Maxxum and Puma. Continental said CASE customers can specify its tires as a premium option for their CASE IH tractors.

-- Geringhoff, LLC announced the launch of its Adaptive Flex Technology (AFT) corn harvesting head. The new heads come in 12 and 16 rows with 30-inch row spacing. This head is compatible with the NorthStar, NorthStar XDC and Rota Disc processing systems. This head is designed for harvesting corn in terraces and hilly terrains. The AFT head has a pivot point in the center of the frame giving farmers flexibility to adapt their corn head to the contour of the land.

-- Geringhoff also launched its XDC Rolls. XDC Rolls are a corn residue management upgrade to its NorthStar Elite line. XDC Rolls crimp, rip and dice corn residue into 2.5-3.5-inch pieces for rapid decomposition.

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