Rebel Attacks Kill 43 in Eastern Congo

Rebel Attacks Kill 43 in Eastern Congo

BENI, Congo (AP) -- A human rights group says at least 11 people are dead in the latest of a series of rebel attacks in eastern Congo, after dozens were killed over the weekend in similar assaults.

The Congolese rights group, known by its French acronym CEPADHO, said Monday that rebels from the Allied Democratic Forces had killed at least 43 people since Friday in and around Beni, the epicenter of the ongoing Ebola epidemic.

The latest attacks were expected to further set back heath workers' efforts to reach areas affected by the Ebola outbreak.

The rights group said the attack late Sunday took place in Kamango in the Beni region, where the rebels went door-to-door shooting their victims.

The violence comes as the Congolese military steps up its offensive in Beni region against the rebels. The Allied Democratic Forces originated in Uganda and have moved into eastern Congo, where they oppose the government. Growing insecurity in eastern Congo has prompted demonstrations against local authorities.