Mozambique Cyclone Deaths at 598

JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- Authorities say the death toll in Mozambique from last month's cyclone has risen to 598 while humanitarian workers race to contain a cholera outbreak in the storm's wake.

The World Health Organization says at least 1,052 cholera cases have been reported by Mozambique's health ministry, including one death.

The acute diarrheal disease has been spreading in the hard-hit city of Beira and its half-million residents since the outbreak was declared last week.

Some 900,000 oral cholera vaccines have arrived in Beira for the launch of a vaccination campaign later this week. Scores of thousands of people in the region have no access to clean water and cholera cases are now reported outside Beira.

Cyclone Idai also killed at least 259 people in neighboring Zimbabwe and at least 56 in Malawi.