Pakistan AF Test Fires Smart Missile

Pakistan AF Test Fires Smart Missile

ISLAMABAD (AP) -- Pakistan's air force says one of its fighter jets successfully test-fired a locally developed missile, described as a "smart weapon."

The announcement follows recent skirmishes with rival India over disputed Kashmir during which Pakistan said it shot down two Indian planes and captured a pilot, who was later returned to India.

An air force statement says a JF-17 multi-role fighter aircraft on Tuesday fired the new missile, which has "day-and-night capability to engage a variety of targets with pinpoint accuracy."

A "smart" weapon is typically military language for a guided missile.

Air Force chief Mujahid Anwar was quoted as saying that "Pakistan is a peace-loving nation but if subjected to aggression by adversary, we will respond with full force."

There was no further information on the type of missile fired.