Stone Aide Resisting Mueller Subpoena

Stone Aide Resisting Mueller Subpoena

WASHINGTON (AP) -- An aide of President Donald Trump's longtime confidant Roger Stone is resisting a subpoena to provide documents and testify before a grand jury in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Andrew Miller worked during the 2016 campaign for Stone, whose contacts are being scrutinized in Mueller's probe of Russian attempts to influence the election. Miller's lawyer, Paul Kamenar, says he is filing a motion Thursday to quash the subpoena. The move was first disclosed by The New York Times.

The special counsel has spent months investigating Russian meddling in the election and whether Trump campaign aides played any role in the foreign interference plot. Stone has denied that he worked with Russia during the campaign.

Mueller is examining a meeting that was recently revealed between Stone and a man who he says identified himself as Henry Greenberg, a Russian figure who allegedly tried to sell him dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Stone and Michael Caputo, a Trump campaign aide who arranged the 2016 meeting, did not disclose the contact in their interviews with a congressional committee — an omission their lawyers have said was accidental.

But Stone and Caputo have said they believe the man was an FBI informant trying to set them up in a bid to undermine Trump's Republican campaign.