Trump Boosts Funding for Puerto Rico

Trump Boosts Funding for Puerto Rico

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump cleared the way for additional federal funding for storm-ravaged Puerto Rico Thursday, as the territory continues to recover from the devastation left by Hurricane Maria.

Trump amended a September disaster declaration to increase the share of rebuilding and recovery costs borne by the federal government on the cash-strapped island.

Trump had already authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay 100 percent of some cleanup and emergency costs for 180 days. Washington will now pay 90 percent of the additional cost of rebuilding Puerto Rico, including repairing public infrastructure like hospitals, bridges and roads, and the costs of rebuilding the island's devastated power grid.

Typically, U.S. states cover 25 percent of those costs, with federal taxpayers covering the remaining 75 percent. Puerto Rico's finances were in shambles even before the storm made landfall in September.