SAfrican Taxi Drivers Protest Uber

SAfrican Taxi Drivers Protest Uber

JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- South African taxi drivers have blocked roads around Johannesburg's main international airport to protest against ride-hailing company Uber.

The protest by drivers with metered cabs caused big traffic jams Friday morning around O.R. Tambo International Airport, though police moved to clear the area.

The protesters say Uber is unfairly siphoning business from older taxi companies with its ride-hailing app.

Uber says in a statement that many South African drivers with metered taxis are also picking up rides with the app, and that threats and intimidation toward Uber drivers are unacceptable.

South African media are reporting that some Uber drivers also protested outside the company's Johannesburg office. That group of protesters reportedly says Uber does not do enough to address their safety concerns.