Top 5 Things to Watch

Commodity Classic Coverage, Livestock Numbers, Cooler Temps This Week

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OMAHA (DTN) -- Here are the Top 5 things the DTN Newsroom is tracking for the week of March 12. Watch for coverage of these and other topics throughout the week on our subscription platforms as well as on

1. New equipment coming: Progressive Farmer Senior Editor Dan Miller, who covers the machinery world for us, is expecting continued announcements from some of the major equipment companies. If we say more, then this screen will self-destruct. Watch for continued new-product announcements.

2. Latest livestock numbers: Wednesday we'll have the latest Call the Market column from DTN Livestock Analyst ShayLe Stewart. And Friday is the release of the latest Cattle on Feed report. Watch for Stewart's commentary on that.

3. More news from Orlando: The DTN Crops Team -- Crops Technology Editor Pamela Smith and Crops Editor Jason Jenkins -- will have more wrap-up news on the latest crop products and new ideas from the Commodity Classic last week. Watch for those pieces throughout the week; there was a lot happening in Mickeyville.

4. Cool weather running: With last week's ridge moving up and out to the Atlantic, DTN Ag Meteorologist John Baranick expects another cold front to sweep south. The void will also pull in Pacific air, moderating the expected drop in temperatures. Readers in the West, Northern Plains, and Canadian Prairies will see lower temperatures early in the week, with the moderation not hitting there until late in the week. Baranick reminds us that "below normal" temps do not carry the same bite as we hit mid-March as they did when these roller-coaster patterns kicked off in January.

5. A disaster remembered: Speaking of weather, we'll have a revisit of the infamous "bomb cyclone," which four years ago this week brought flooding, destruction and death to South Dakota, Nebraska, and parts of Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Our Staff Reporter Russ Quinn, who farms north of Omaha, lived through it and then reported on it in real-time. See his feature full of remembrances and follow-ups.