EIA: Domestic Ethanol Blender Inputs Climbs to 7-Week High

Report Also Detailed Uptick in Production, Inventory

OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) -- The Energy Information Administration reported a hike in ethanol blender inputs through Feb. 10 to the highest weekly blending rate since just before Christmas, while also detailing an uptick in production and build in overall inventory.

EIA reports domestic ethanol production increased 1.4% or 14,000 barrels per day (bpd) to 1.014 million bpd last week, 0.5% higher than the same week in 2022.

In the Midwest PADD 2, ethanol production rose 1.4% or 13,000 bpd to 965,000 bpd, 1.7% higher than a year earlier.

Ethanol blending activity in the United States rebounded on the week, jumping 6.7% or 55,000 bpd to 874,000 bpd, 4.7% higher than the same time in 2022. Blender inputs at the East Coast rose 11,000 bpd while inputs at the Midwest increased 14,000 bpd, jumped 25,000 bpd at the Gulf Coast and rose 6,000 bpd at the West Coast.

Total ethanol inventory in the United States rose 922,000 barrels (bbl) or 3.7% to a 46-week high 25.339 million bbl as of Feb. 10, 1.6% below a year earlier.

East Coast supply eased 35,000 bbl to 8.069 million bbl while stocks in the Midwest decreased 31,000 bbl to 9.640 million bbl and Gulf Coast inventory rose 885,000 bbl to 4.759 million bbl, the highest level since the week-ended March 18, 2022. Along the West Coast, supply gained 107,000 bbl to 2.507 million bbl.