US Ethanol Inventory Falls

EIA: US Ethanol Production Slides to Lowest Level in 20 Weeks

OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) -- Domestic ethanol production dropped 2.6% from a four-week high to the lowest output rate since late April, while blending demand and inventory of the blendstock eroded further through Sept. 9, the latest data from the Energy Information Administration show.

EIA reports blending activity fell a fourth consecutive week, sliding 11,000 barrels per day (bpd) or 1.2% in the week profiled to an eight-week-low 894,000 bpd. Data show blending demand running 0.4% below the same week in 2021.

Refiner and blender net inputs along the East Coast PADD 1 dropped 6,000 bpd to 319,000 bpd last week, while down 2,000 bpd in the Midwest PADD 2 to 242,000 bpd, up 1,000 bpd in Gulf Coast PADD 3 to 150,000 bpd, and 5,000 bpd lower along the West Coast PADD 5 to 150,000 bpd.

Domestic ethanol production tumbled 26,000 bpd to 963,000 bpd, the lowest level since the week-ended April 22 but about 3% higher than this time last year.

Midwest ethanol production plunged 29,000 bpd or 3.1% to 902,000 bpd through Sept. 9, also a 20-week low but 2.4% above a year ago.

Total ethanol supply dropped 850,000 barrels (bbl) to 22.843 million bbl last week, the lowest stock level since late June.

PADD 3 ethanol inventory posted a fourth straight downturn, falling 191,000 bbl to 3.589 million bbl, the lowest level since the last week of April while West Coast stocks continued to the upside, rising 205,000 bbl to 3.154 million bbl, the highest number of barrels since the week ended Jan. 1, 2021.

East Coast ethanol inventory declined a third week, dropping 583,000 bbl to 6.921 million bbl, a 13-week low. Data show Midwest stocks rose for the first time in three weeks, up 284,000 bbl as of Sept. 9 to 8.800 million bbl, a five-week high.