Eco-Energy Phoenix Opens Q3

OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) -- Eco-Energy announced Thursday it has entered the final stage of construction on its ethanol distribution facility in Phoenix, Arizona, which is scheduled to commence operations in the third quarter. The facility will be Eco-Energy's 10th ethanol distribution terminal.

Once operational, the Eco-Energy site will be capable of offloading ethanol from railcars to dedicated storage where it will then be transferred via pipeline to every local blending terminal.

The Union Pacific Railroad will provide rail service to the Eco-Energy-Phoenix terminal with plans of handling over 250 million gallons annually. Underpinned by more than 4 million gallons of dedicated ethanol storage, and without added cost and complexity of truck deliveries, Eco-Energy said the site will provide much needed reliability and security of supply in the complex regional market.