Eco-Energy Extends Ethanol Deal

Eco Will Continnue to Market Pinal's Ethanol

OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) -- Eco-Energy, an integrated biofuel supply chain company, Friday announced a three-year contractual extension with Pinal Energy, a 55 million gallon a year plant in Arizona. Eco-Energy has been Pinal Energy's ethanol marketer since 2014.

"We are excited that Pinal Energy has chosen us as their ethanol marketer for the next three years. Our team continues to look for every way to maximize Pinal's position as Arizona's only ethanol plant," said John Bowman, vice president of Alliance Marketing at Eco-Energy.

Eco-Energy CEO Josh Bailey said, "We have developed a leading position in the Arizona market, which has allowed us to create measurable value for Pinal Energy."

Along with marketing for Pinal, Eco-Energy has a terminal project underway in Phoenix, Arizona.

"Eco continues to invest in the ethanol industry, creating efficiency and preparing for future growth," said Bailey. "The Phoenix project along with others in development include inbound unit train capability and pipeline connectivity to local terminals, the most efficient design possible for incorporating ethanol into the fuel chain."

Both projects are expected to be operational during calendar year 2019.