Ethanol Stocks Ease, Production Surges

Ethanol Stocks Ease, Production Surges

NEW YORK (DTN) -- U.S. ethanol inventory fell slightly last week while domestic production increased to match a record high posted a month ago during the week-ended Aug. 12, according to information released Wednesday, Aug. 17, by the Energy Information Administration. Blending activity last week eased.

The data showed U.S. ethanol inventories decreased 35,000 barrels (bbl) to 20.425 million bbl for the week reviewed while up 1.9 million bbl, or 10%, year-over-year.

Plant production increased 11,000 barrels per day (bpd), or 1.1%, to 1.029 million bpd during the second week of August -- matching the record weekly output rate registered through July 15, and up 64,000 bpd, or 6.6%, year-over-year. For the four weeks ended Aug. 12, domestic ethanol production averaged 1.012 million bpd, 48,000 bpd or 5% above the comparable year-ago period.

Net refiner and blender inputs of ethanol fell for the second straight week, down 7,000 bpd, or 0.7%, to 943,000 bpd during the week-ended Aug. 12, while up 35,000 bpd or 3.9% year-over-year. The four week average blender input rate through Aug. 12 is up 40,000 bpd, or 4.4%, at 945,000 bpd.

Implied motor gasoline demand slipped 7,000 bpd last week to 9.762 million bpd, which was 0.6% higher than the same week in 2015. Over the last four weeks, motor gasoline product supplied averaged about 9.8 million bpd, up 1.7% from the same period last year.