We'd Like To Mention

A Weed Win

It's fair to say our reporter Emily Unglesbee spends plenty of time "in the weeds." In 2019, she chased down leads on off-target movement of dicamba and tracked the spread of Palmer amaranth across the United States.

It is for these prickly topics and other journalistic efforts that the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) recently honored her with their 2020 Excellence in Journalism Award.

Unglesbee's nomination, led by University of Illinois weed scientist Aaron Hager, generated supporting letters from some of the nation's top weed scientists. Each noted her dogged determination, tough questioning and willingness to get the information right.

What makes this accomplishment even more telling is that it is the second year in a row, and the second in the history of the award, that our staffers have been honored by WSSA for outstanding work in their field. Crops and technology editor Pamela Smith won the award in 2019.

The WSSA award is just further proof that Progressive Farmer editors are working hard to rogue out the topics that mean most to readers -- even if they have to get in the weeds to do it.

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