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Per-Acre Prices (Progressive Farmer image by Progressive Farmer)

GEORGIA, Baker County. Property totaling 65 acres sold at auction for $150,00, or $2,310 per acre. The property was all farmland and sold to a local farmer. Contact: Wally Bins, J. Durham and Associates Inc.;; 800-342-2666;

INDIANA, Grant County. A 60-acre tract of productive cropland sold at auction for $530,000, or $8,833 per acre. The property had bases in corn and soybeans, and was made up of Pewamo silty clay loam and Blount silt loam soils. Contact: Jaret Wicker,; John Miner,; Larry Jordan, or AJ Jordan,; Halderman Real Estate and Farm Management; 800-424-2324;

IOWA, Cedar County. Four parcels of cropland totaling 563 acres sold at auction for $6.33 million, or $11,238 per acre. The land, known locally as the CE and Evelyn Rigby Trust, was reported to have an average 91.1 CSR2 across all the parcels. Parcel average prices ranged from $9,800 to a high of $12,300. Contact: Kirk Weih, Hertz Real Estate Services,, 319-895-8858;

Story County. Two parcels of farmland totaling 194 acres sold at auction for $2.08 million, or about $10,722 per acre. The first parcel, 74 acres in size, had a CSR2 of 83.4; the second parcel, 120 acres in size, was 93% tillable with a CSR2 of 86.9. Contact: Matt Vegter, Hertz Real Estate Services,, 515-382-1500;

KENTUCKY, McLean County. A 50-acre tract of gently rolling farmland sold at auction for $350,000, or $7,000 per acre. The tract included 40 acres of cropland, with the balance in woods. Soils were predominantly Melvin and Belknap silt loams. An area farmer was the buyer. Contact: Tyler Edge, Kurtz Auction and Realty;; 800-264-1204;

LOUISIANA, Franklin Parish. RHA Farms totaling 380 acres sold for $1.86 million, or $4,900 per acre. The property is precision-leveled with risers and underground pipe, and suitable for cotton, corn and bean production. Contact: Jerry Brown, Brown Realty;; 318-728-9544;

MISSOURI, Platte County. Irrigated bottomland farm, totaling 1,100 acres, sold for $5.3 million. Average price per tillable acre was $5,578; average across the entire farm was $4,818. The farm included seven center-pivot irrigation systems and seven separate wells. The operation sold to a local family for farm expansion. Contact: Dirk Talley, Show-Me Real Estate;; 816-532-6101;

NORTH DAKOTA, Dunn County. The Fettig Ranch, some 2,414 acres, sold at auction in three parcels to two buyers for $6.26 million. Parcel prices ranged from $2,446 to $2,613 per acre. Average price across the entire property was $2,590 per acre. The ranch included productive cropland, pasture and a livestock well.Contact: Kevin Pifer, Pifer's;; 701-238-5810;

OKLAHOMA, Grant County. The historic 1893 LeForce Hereford Ranch sold at auction in 31 tracts. The property included 4,231 total acres -- 1,500 in cropland and 2,700 in grassland. Total sales price for the property was $6.67 million, or an average of $1,575 per acre. Contact: Troy Lippard, Lippard Auctioneers Inc.;; 580-747-6747;

These sales figures are provided by the sources and may not be exact because of rounding.

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