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Trimble GFX-750 Display

Trimble GFX-750 Display, Image provided by the manufacturer

Reduce cab clutter with Trimble’s new GFX-750 display, built on an Android-based operating system. The GFX-750, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi added, will be the only display needed in a cab to run guidance and implement controls for most brands of tractors and implements.

Last year, Trimble purchased Mueller-Electronics, a leading ISOBUS company, and started integrating Mueller’s ISO components into its application control solutions. The new Trimble Field-IQ ISOBUS ECU solution is compatible with the new GFX-750 display, which allows growers to add an ISO ECU onto any brand of implement to be used with any brand of tractor.

The GFX-750 includes the NAV-900 guidance controller that mounts on the roof of the cab. Installation takes 30 minutes on average. The system is geared for mid-level growers who need guidance and a couple of flow controls on a sprayer or planter.