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Favorable South America Trends

Bryce Anderson
By  Bryce Anderson , DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist
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OMAHA (DTN) -- Favorable conditions for Brazil soybean harvest and Argentina crop development, along with timely precipitation forming in the Southern Plains, are the key weather items for the commodity trade's attention Monday.


The DTN ag weather forecast calls for dry conditions in the Midwest this week. Temperatures will generally be above- to much-above normal. This combination will favor transportation and livestock conditions.


In the Southern Plains, a mix of rain and snow is occurring in portions of central Kansas and the Texas Panhandle. This precipitation is expected to broaden in coverage to include much of Oklahoma and northern through central Texas, along with portions of southern Kansas and eastern Colorado during the next 48 hours. Winter wheat will benefit from this precipitation occurrence, especially following recent record-breaking warm days.


Brazil has a favorable trend for its crop weather this week. Soybean harvest in Mato Grosso is close to half done, and is running well-ahead of a year ago. Locally heavy rain during the past weekend will bring some disruptions to harvest early this week, but significant impact is not expected.


Mostly favorable conditions for corn and soybean areas of central Argentina are in effect, with adequate to surplus soil moisture and no lasting heat. Losses from earlier flooding appear to be less than at first feared. Dryness and heat early in the season through southern growing areas has affected crop prospects, but conditions have become more favorable in these areas recently.

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Bryce Anderson

Bryce Anderson
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