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  • Image courtesy of Briggs Farm

    Make Play Pay

    When Steve Briggs's father died seven years ago, he had doubts about keeping the 540-acre farm in the family. The Briggs farm is set down near Winona, in southeast Minnesota. About 100 acres is tillable, much of the rest is in timber.

  • Bayer’s Jennifer Riggs checks how corn responds to a seed treatment with an enzyme that increases microbial activity around the root, Image by Charles L. Harris / Bayer Ag

    Exciting Enzymes

    Dive below the soil surface, and you'll find millions of microbes hard at work. Just like you, they do many different jobs. Some can cause crop disease, but the vast majority of microbes are laboring away to deliver minerals, vitamins, nitrogen and amino acids that feed and...

  • Kyler Laird’s controller box on his John Deere 6330 manages multiple functions including engine cutoff, throttle, steering, reverse and hitch, Image by Des Keller

    Automated Farming

    This fall during harvest, Indiana's Kyler Laird will be able to look over from the seat of his combine and watch the tractor with grain cart pull along beside him to take another load. The difference is that the cab of that tractor will be empty--Laird will be driving the...

  • Two UTV models will be available from Cat in summer 2018, Image provided by the manufacturer

    Cat Expands Its DNA

    Caterpillar is synonymous with big, rugged construction equipment. Yet, for its latest product launch, think smaller but with the same Cat quality, durability and, of course, color scheme. The company invited journalists to the company's Edwards Demonstration and Learning...

  • Narrow row spacings intercept more sunlight which produces more pods--and yield, Image by Larry Reichenberger

    Science From The Field

    Science From the Field highlights DuPont Pioneer's industry-leading research to help growers find profitable agronomic solutions for their farming operations.

  • A new livestock emissions reporting rule may soon take effect, Image by Jim Patrico

    New Rules For Animal Producers

    Many more animal-feeding operations will soon be required to report emissions. At press time, the new requirement was set to begin Jan. 22, 2018. Known as the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), the rule requires emissions from...