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  • Goodyear R14T, Image by Karen McMahon

    Farm Show Finds

    Compact tractor owners can now purchase a hybrid tire that features industrial tread in the center and agricultural tread on the outside. The new tire is called the Goodyear R14T, which combines the R-4 industrial tire name with the R-1 ag tire name.

  • Apache AS630, Image by the manufacturer

    Farm Show Finds

    Equipment Technologies (ET) introduced a small, self-propelled sprayer that spent three years in development--the Apache AS630.

  • Ethan Zoerb, Image by Hal Maggiore

    Exploring All Options

    What pays and what doesn't is key to Ethan Zoerb with today's tight margins. In this environment, test plots play an even bigger role for the data-driven Zoerb as he looks for new ways to sharpen management tools and boost yields. That is as true for new products as it...

  • Del (left) and Lance Unger, Image by Paul Queck

    Marketing Moves

    Del Unger and his son Lance are taking two tacks to make a profit this challenging year. One is to boost yields with better technology. The other is to take advantage of unexpected marketing opportunities.

  • Rick Hargrave, Image by Mark Moore

    Tighten Up

    Wisconsin growers Rick and Carla Hargrave have taken several steps to stay in business in today's tight-margin environment. These corn growers only invest money toward inputs and capital that are proven return on investment (ROI). "For example, we will not be upgrading...

  • JC Henrekin, Image by Dave Tonge

    Spend To Save

    You don't usually spend money to cut costs. But that's what JC Henrekin, of Deer Grove, Illinois, has been doing. And the real plus is his cost-cutting investments are also improving yields and bottom line.

  • A parasitic wasp approaches an unsuspecting soybean aphid, Image by Matt Kaiser

    When Wasps Win

    If you have a hankering for a sci-fi horror flick this summer, skip the theater and head straight to your soybean field.