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    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared a Bt rice variety, developed by Chinese researchers, safe for consumption in the U.S. in early January. The move has raised the hackles of the industry group USA Rice. "The marketplace does not want GM rice, so neither do...

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    Ask The Mechanic

    Q: I have been told that I should never clean the air filter in my newer tractor until the air filter light comes on, indicating it needs cleaning. I guess the old oil bath air cleaner on my Ford 9N didn't have a sending unit. I never have had a light come on in the dash on...

  • Nick Allen donates sweet corn for Troy, Missouri, FFA Chapter members to distribute to nursing homes and food pantries. From left: Lexi Collins, Emilee Harris, Jacob Love, Grace Rhodes and Kelsey Sachs , Image by Gregg Hillyer

    We'd Like To Mention

    When disaster strikes, help is not far behind. Oftentimes, it's an army of volunteers that picks up the pieces after a flood, fire, hurricane, tornado or other catastrophe. Many are members of a charitable organization, civic or church group, or myriad other services that...

  • Training about the farm and equipment doesn’t have to be drawn out or in a classroom format, Image by Des Keller

    Employee Training Simplified

    When the words "employee training" are mentioned, most farm managers typically do one of three things: laugh out loud, shake their heads in disgust or look highly confused. There is a misperception when it comes to training, which is nothing more than sharing knowledge and...

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    Ag Summit Review

    The United States is in the middle of what is now 104 months of economic recovery, much longer than the average length of 60 months. And, without an obvious shock to the system, the U.S. economy could remain in growth mode for the next couple of years.

  • Strong job candidates don’t necessarily have to come with a farming background as long as transferable skills are present, Image by Greg Latza

    Beyond The Norm

    Have you ever hired someone only to be sadly disappointed in your pick within the first few weeks? Farmers often get trapped between two extremes when hiring: We rely on our gut to read people through casual conversation and never dig deeper, or we rely too heavily on...

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    It's never been more important to understand the combinations of corn traits being planted. The 2018 Handy Bt Trait Table is designed to help growers do a better job of rotating traits.