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Adjust the Rate of Drop

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READER: My Kubota B7100 is a neat little tractor, but it has one thing that I can't figure out: When I have different tools on the back and lower these implements, they go down at different speeds. When I put my angle blade on the tractor, the blade drops very slowly -- it creeps down. But, with the tiller on the tractor, it drops like a rock and bangs down. Is there anything I can do to make these implements drop at an acceptable speed?

STEVE: Yes. Your tractor (as well as most other tractors) has what is called a rate-of-drop adjustment. All this valve does is restrict the flow of the hydraulic oil out of the lift piston to control the speed that the implement drops. The heavier the implement, the more "push" it has on the oil as it goes through the valve.

This adjustment is important for the life of the implement.

You can adjust the flow of oil to match the weight of the implement. Check your owner's manual or call your dealership for help if you can't locate the rate-of-drop valve on your tractor.

The lift speed is not affected by the rate-of-drop valve. The rate-of-drop on your B7100 is under the seat. For safety reasons, always lower the implement on the tractor when leaving the tractor unattended.


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