McCormick Has a New Shorter Wheel Based Tractor

McCormick X7 Series Tractor

McCormick X7 Series Tractor (Greg Lamp)

The company's new X7 series of shorter-wheel-base tractors comes with Tier V-compliant engines from the company's HI-eSCR2 exhaust-gas-treatment system. Tractors in the series feature 4.5-liter 4-cylinder engines and 6.7-liter 6-cylinder engines with turbo intercooler and common rail electronic injection. They are available in two transmissions: VT-Drive (variable transmission) for higher-horsepower tractors and P6-Drive, which provides six Powershift gears.

An optional independent front-axle suspension system for a smoother ride is available plus two cab suspension options: mechanical or semiactive electronically controlled.

Satellite guidance and the ISOBUS system are fully integrated and displayed in a 12-inch touch screen. "We've made it simple so you can control everything functionally from one screen," says Antonio Salvaterra, marketing manager for Argo Tractors.

In addition, McCormick's Fleet Management system allows customers to monitor their tractor fleet's main activities, such as location, fuel consumption, temperature, etc., at anytime and anywhere.


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