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Explaining Deck Tilt

(Photo illustration by Barry Falkner)

READER: I have been looking for a new riding mower. I have visited several dealerships and have noticed that it seems that the mower deck is slanted downward in the front. I wonder why the deck is not level. I asked all the salespeople, but they said that is the way it is set up. Can you please tell me why the deck is slanted slightly downward in the front?

STEVE: That is a great question. The deck is slanted downward a small amount for a reason. This small tilt allows only the leading edge of the blade to cut the grass, leaving the rear end of the deck a little higher, eliminating the blade from having to drag on the top edge of the cut grass. Believe it or not, that keeps the engine and belts from having to work overtime during the cutting process.


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