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Celebrate 2021 National Farm Safety and Health Week

National Farm Safety and Health Week 2021 is from September 19 through 25. (Provided by NECAS)

Join Progressive Agriculture Safety Days in celebrating 2021 National Farm Safety & Health Week.

Fall harvest is one of the busiest, and unfortunately the most dangerous, times of the year for the agriculture industry. That is why once again this year, the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day(R) program is proud to support National Farm Safety and Health Week, planned for Sept. 19 through 25, 2021. Through critical safety messaging and storytelling, the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day program strives toward ensuring the safety and health of the present and future generations of farmers and their families.

This year's theme, "Farm Safety Yields Real Results," reminds us that safety should never take a back seat on the farm, ranch or at home. By making safety and health a priority and keeping it at the forefront of all farm-related tasks, we all have a role in reducing preventable incidents. Throughout the weeklong event, a different safety-related topic will be highlighted each day:

-- Monday, Sept. 20: Tractor Safety & Rural Roadway Safety

-- Tuesday, Sept. 21: Overall Farmer Health

-- Wednesday, Sept. 22: Safety & Health for Youth in Agriculture

-- Thursday, Sept. 23: Agricultural Fertilizer & Chemical Safety

-- Friday, Sept. 24: Safety & Health for Women in Agriculture

Be sure to follow the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day program on social media at @PAFSafetyDays for more safety tips. And, to view a full listing of events for the week, visit The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety at


-- Tractor & Rural Roadway Safety Quick Tip: Be visible on rural roadways by ensuring a clean slow-moving vehicle (SMV) emblem is evident on all tractors and implements. Use hand signals when appropriate, use lighting during evenings or inclement weather, and always use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

-- Overall Farmer Health Quick Tip: Stay alert to help maintain your safety focus during long days in the field. Take breaks throughout the day, eat a well-balanced diet, stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep and never shy away from asking for help.

-- Safety & Health for Youth in Agriculture Quick Tip:
Parents, guardians and grandparents are a child's first teacher. Therefore, it is important to always role-model safe and healthy behaviors. While children may want to help on the farm, only assign age-appropriate tasks, never allow children to climb or ride on equipment, and designate safe play areas.

-- Agricultural Fertilizer & Chemical Safety Quick Tip: Always keep chemicals in their original container to easily refer to the label for safe storage and usage directions. Doing this can also help avoid an accidental poisoning and prevent the chemical from leaking or eating away at another container not designed for it.

-- Safety & Health for Women in Agriculture Quick Tip: Women tend to be the safety "champions" for their children and spouse; however, they are often at increased risk for agriculture-related injuries because of stress and exhaustion from on-farm and off-farm jobs.


"A participant at our Progressive Agriculture Safety Day informed us after the event that he would no longer ride on the lawn mower with his dad because of what he learned during the lawn equipment safety station. The child also asked if we would be holding this event again next year and if he could once again participate."
-Valerie Stewart, Progressive Agriculture Safety Day Coordinator from Stanton, Kentucky



-- Visit or call us at 888-257-3529 for a complete list of all upcoming Safety Days or to see how you can host a Safety Day during 2022 or 2023.


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