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May 2021 Handy Devices

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Cross the Fence (Ralph Mark Jr.)

CROSS THE FENCE (Editor's Choice):

When Thomas Waters III, Damascus, Virginia, wants to cross one of his fences, he does it with a bolt. In this simple fence-crossing fix, Waters uses 12- or 16-inch bolts, depending on the diameter of the fencepost. About 2 feet off the ground, he drills a hole through the fencepost with a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the bolt. He pushes the bolt through the hole and attaches a nut over the threaded end. When he wants to cross his fences, he equalizes the length of the bolt exposed on either side of the post. Then, he steps up onto the bolt on his side of the fence, puts a leg over the fence and puts his foot down onto the portion of bolt exposed on the other side of the fencepost.


After looking through his toolbox for the right-sized wrench, Elliot Iszler, Big Sky, Montana, came upon the idea of using a hitch pin to hold a complete set of wrenches. Now, when he's looking for a wrench, he grabs the pin-mounted tools and takes them all to his work.


It is frustrating when the ball on your trailer hitch begins to turn as you try to remove or tighten it into place. Willis Wendland, Balaton, Minnesota, has a fix. He welded a piece of L-shaped flat bar to the bottom of the ball. The piece of steel needs to extend only slightly below the receiver. That length of bar prevents the ball from turning.


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