Progressive Agriculture Safety Days

Progressive Agriculture Safety Days March 2021

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Always Wear Your Helmet: Protect your "melon" from a serious brain injury!

From playing sports to enjoying a ride on a horse, bicycle or all-terrain vehicle (ATV), wearing a helmet can potentially save your life in the event of an incident. One major fall, crash or flip could lead to a hospital trip; therefore, helmets are your best defense in preventing a brain injury. To bring a greater awareness to this issue, Brain Injury Awareness Month is being celebrated throughout the month of March.

Brain injuries can be detrimental to children as their young brain is still developing and are the leading cause of disability and death in children and adolescents. Therefore, the Progressive Agriculture Safety Days takes a proactive approach to educating about preventing brain injuries. Participants learn that when it comes to helmets, proper selection, fit, care and use for the task at hand are all important considerations. Through fun, engaging, age-appropriate, hands-on activities and demonstrations using items like eggs, cantaloupe, watermelon and even a gelatin brain mold, kids truly understand the fragile nature of the human brain. This important message is weaved into curriculum focused on animal safety, ATV/UTV safety and bicycle safety.


"All of our Progressive Agriculture Safety Day participants received a helmet. A week later, a young girl fell off her bicycle and broke her arm. She came back and told us her head was safe because she was wearing her new, properly fitted helmet. Other children throughout the community are wearing helmets when they are riding their bikes and they are sharing knowledge learned with their parents on how to properly tighten their helmet to ensure it fits securely on their head."
-Corinna Roth-Beacome, Progressive Agriculture Safety Day Coordinator in Bow Island & Foremost, Alberta

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