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On With the Show - 360 Yield Center Planter Attachments

360 DASH (Progressive Farmer image provided by 360 Yield Center)

Two new planter attachments from 360 Yield Center are designed to enhance the seed furrow environment and boost starter fertilizer performance and savings.

The 360 WAVE improves seed trench closing using an angled blade that slices through the seed trench sidewall, creating a "wave" of soil that rolls over the seed. The tool also places starter fertilizer below the seed and 3/4-inch from the seed trench. It mounts to the rear of the planter row unit shank to simplify installation and ensures proper alignment with the double-disk openers. The 360 WAVE spring-loaded blade moves up and down over obstacles, and swivels to follow the seed trench on curves, but includes a stop to limit travel so it never places starter in the seed trench.

The 360 DASH application system reduces liquid starter fertilizer costs by only applying product when the seed tube sensor detects a seed, eliminating a continuous stream. The length of the "dash" of fertilizer and its position between or next to the seed is set up using an app. The system adapts to existing power and data communication architecture on Precision Planting and John Deere ExactEmerge high-speed planters. A wireless communication setup from each valve reduces harness cost and reliability issues. The 360 DASH needle valve controls the rate and pulses at 4 to 10 mph, and 2.5 to 15 gallons per acre. Each flow meter communicates rates to the 360 DASH valve then through the wireless communications hub back to the control app in the cab. The 360 DASH package uses an AgXcel pump system (sold separately) to ensure compatibility with the control app and to ensure uniform pressures and filtering.

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