Progressive Agriculture Safety Days

Progressive Agriculture Safety Days October 2020

Safety Day participants learn firsthand just how dangerous grain can be and the amount of force it takes to rescue someone trapped in flowing grain. (Progressive Farmer image by Progressive Agriculture Foundation)

It is downright scary the similarities grain has to quicksand. In a matter of seconds, one can become entrapped in grain and, in less than a minute, be fully submerged. Curiosity, size, strength and lack of experience are major causes of injuries and fatalities for young children. Through hands-on activities and demonstrations, we strongly emphasize the following to participants at Progressive Agriculture Safety Days:

1. Always stay out of flowing grain.

2. Never walk or play in or around stored grain.

3. Never enter a grain bin, wagon or truck.

4. Stay away from a grain bin while the unloading auger
or vacuum/suction tube is operating.

5. If there is an emergency involving grain, be sure to turn off any equipment that is causing the grain to flow or move. This will stop the person from being pulled further underneath the grain. Call for help immediately. Never attempt to pull someone out of grain on your own.

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