September 2020 Recent Farmland Sales

Per-Acre Prices (Progressive Farmer image by Progressive Farmer)

ARKANSAS, Cross County.
A 915-acre property with 850 acres of cropland sold for around $3.23 million, or $3,525 per acre. The land had been used to produce rice and soybeans in rotation, and included nine irrigation wells. Contact: Cole Fields, BrokerSouth Ag;; 318-512-5325;

IOWA, Wright County. Property totaling 112 acres, 107.24 tillable, sold at auction for $8,139 per acre, or a total price of $911,540. The land had a CSR2 of 80 and sold to an investor buyer with the 2020 cash rent prorated. It leased back to the previous operator. Contact: John B. Kirkpatrick, MWA Auctions and Real Estate;; 515-532-2878.

Fayette County. Farmland totaling about 165 acres sold in two tracts at auction for a total price of around $1.14 million. Per-acre price ranged from $6,000 to $7,200, with an overall average of $6,909 per acre. Of the total, 160.4 acres were tillable. The farm was rented for the 2020 season at sale, with the buyers receiving the second half of the year's rental payment from the tenant. Contact: Nate Larson, Steffes Group;; 319-931-3944.

KANSAS, Norton County. Two tracts totaling 305 acres sold at auction for $621,750. This was almost all cropland at 300 acres and held bases in wheat and corn. Tract prices ranged from $1,750 to $2,300 per acre. Average across the property was about $2,039 per acre. Contact: Grant Bailey, Farm and Ranch Realty Inc.;; 800-247-7863;

KENTUCKY, Breckinridge County. Four tracts of land totaling about 283 acres sold at absolute auction for a total price of $634,573, or $2,242 per acre. The land was a mix of open crop and pasture ground, and included two ponds, wooded tracts and a home. A windmill powered a pump and a well. Contact: Amy Whistle,; or Rob McDearman,; Kurtz Auction and Realty; 800-264-1204;

McLean County. A single tract of land totaling about 109 acres sold at absolute auction for $512,440, or $4,701 per acre. The land included flat creek bottom and gently rolling ground that had been strip-mined and reclaimed. It sold to a local farmer. Contact: Joseph Mills,; Kurtz Auction and Realty; 800-264-1204;

MISSOURI, Daviess County. A 20-acre pasture property sold in a timed online auction for $80,000, or $4,000 per acre. The property was being used for horses but was promoted as a possible home site. Contact: Tom Bradley,; or Jason Smith,; DreamDirt Farm and Ranch Real Estate; 515-537-6633;

NEBRASKA, Knox County. Cropland and a 950-head feedlot close to local grain elevators sold at auction for about $2.22 million. The property totaled approximately 480 acres. Average price per acre was $4,620. Cropland included base acres in corn and soybeans; alfalfa production was also a key part of the operation. Contact: Kendra Suhr,; Farmers National Co.; 402-336-3500;

These sales figures are provided by the sources and may not be exact because of rounding.

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