Handy Bt Trait Helper

(Progressive Farmer image by Pamela Smith)

The Handy Bt Trait Table remains the standard for negotiating the maze of Bt field corn traits.

Now in its 18th year, the free online reference lists all trait trade names, Bt events, protein(s) expressed, targeted insects and herbicide traits.

Find it at

The publication highlights insect and Bt combinations with documented field failures and confirmed resistance or cross-resistance. The statements are based on published lab assays and/or field research to alert farmers and consultants to potential management problems, to help with seed selection and to encourage field scouting.

What's important to remember is the table is a national publication, and resistance may be widespread, regional or limited to a few fields. Local seed representatives and Extension personnel can help sort what resistance pressures are present in your area.

New this year is a version for U.S. sweet corn found at Canadian field corn farmers can find a trait table at

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