May 2020 Recent Farmland Sales

Per-Acre Prices (Progressive Farmer image by Progressive Farmer)

ARKANSAS, Arkansas County. Improved cropland totaling 318 acres sold for $1.69 million. Average price per acre was $5,300. Farm is leveled and irrigated, with a history of corn, rice and soybean production. Contact: Jeramy Stephens, National Land Realty;; 864-331-1600;

COLORADO, Cheyenne and Kiowa Counties. Large crop and grass property totaling 2,520 acres sold at auction for $2.07 million in six tracts. Average per acre ranged from $650 to $1,244 and $820 across the entire property. Crop acres totaled about 829, grass acres, 531. Seller retained all mineral rights. Contact: Travis Weaver, Farm and Ranch Realty Inc.;; 800-247-7863;

ILLINOIS, White County. Single tract of 668 acres sold at absolute auction for $3.94 million, or $5,900 per acre. Property included 546 acres of flat cropland and a single center pivot. The remainder was in wooded areas, a large lake and river frontage. Contact: Jason Blue, Kurtz Auction and Realty Co.;; 800-264-1204;

IOWA, Wright County. Land totaling 80 acres sold for $725,000, or about $9,063 per acre. Tillage portion of the property was 78.03 acres, with a CSR2 of 83.6. This was a leaseback sale. Contact: John Kirkpatrick, MWA Auctions and Real Estate;; 515-532-2878;

KANSAS, Comanche County. Cropland totaling 160 acres sold at auction for $128,000, or $800 per acre. Property included a 164.7-acre wheat base. Fencing was in place on two sides, and all mineral rights transferred with the land. Contact: Neal Mann, Farm and Ranch Realty Inc.;; 800-247-7863;

KENTUCKY, Webster County. Five tracts of land totaling 514.7 acres sold at absolute auction for $2.6 million. Tract prices ranged from $2,500 to $7,700 per acre; overall average was $5,050. Farm was cropland, CRP and wooded. Contact: Mike Melloan, Kurtz Auction and Realty;; 270-929-1410;

LOUISIANA, Morehouse Parish. Irrigated property totaling 1,256 acres sold for $5.65 million, or $4,500 per acre. Two farms made up the offering, both leveled and furrow-irrigated, with 11 wells. Both were rented on a 25% share and had been used for rice and bean production. Contact: Brad Brown, Brown Realty;; 318-728-9544;

MINNESOTA, Clay County. A 241-acre farm sold at auction to two buyers for $867,600, or $3,600 per acre. The property included a farmstead and about 185 acres of cropland. Wheat, corn and soybeans were produced on the property. Contact: Kevin Pifer, Pifer's Land Auctions; or Steve Miller,; 877-700-4099;

NEBRASKA, Dodge County. Irrigated farmland totaling 130 acres sold at private treaty for $1.04 million, or $8,000 per acre. The entire property was tillable and sold to a local beginning farmer and related investors. Contact: Tom Sunderman, AgriSun Land Management Inc.;; 402-727-7100;

NORTH DAKOTA, Oliver County. Cropland, a wind turbine lease and recreational hunting land in a 640-acre property sold for $1.03 million in four parcels. Prices per acre ranged from $950 to $2,820; overall average was $1,609. Contact: Andy Mrnak, andy@pifers; Ali Paulson,; or Jim Sabe,; Pifers Land Auctions; 701-523-7366;

These sales figures are provided by the sources and may not be exact because of rounding.

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