Inside Out Corn Disease Protection

XYWAY 3D Fungicide (Progressive Farmer image by FMC Corporation)

At-planting fungicide that protects corn through tassel is the latest from FMC Corp. Xyway 3D fungicide is applied in-furrow to control foliar diseases.

"Typically, corn growers wait until conditions are right for a disease to develop, or the disease has already appeared before applying a fungicide," explains Gail Stratman, regional technical manager for FMC Corp. "Foliar applications are timing sensitive, and it can sometimes be a difficult decision on when to pull the trigger. This is a new approach where Xyway 3D fungicide is applied at-planting via soil application. It's highly mobile and translocated throughout the plant, and its long residual can protect the corn crop through tassel and beyond. Look at it as inside out disease protection."

Flutriafol (Group 3), the active ingredient in Xyway 3D, is effective on gray leafspot, Northern corn leaf blight and several other yield-limiting foliar diseases. Movement through the stalk and leaf tissues also helps stalk health. "It not only has inherent systemic movement in the plant, but it also has a long residual profile that makes this product unique, showing foliar and stalk disease benefits in research trials over 100 days after it's applied," Stratman adds.

Xyway 3D fungicide will be available for FMC's 3RIVE 3D delivery system that reduces the water volume compared to conventional liquid in-furrow systems, allowing up to 450 acres between fills.

On-farm and university trials for Xyway 3D fungicide continue in 2020 with an expected launch for the 2021 growing season. Labeled rates are 5.8 to 11.8 ounces per acre. FMC is also developing an LFR (liquid fertilizer ready) formulation that allows Xyway application with starter fertilizer in-furrow or potentially with other fertilizer placements.

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