Farm Show Horsch Leeb Sprayer

Horsch Leeb Sprayer (Progressive Farmer image by Horsch)

Horsch Leeb Sprayer

Horsch is entering the North America sprayer market, first in Canada in 2020 followed by the U.S. in 2021. The Leeb SP 6300 features the company's innovative BoomControl Pro. Sensors record the distance to the target area in front of the 120-foot boom and then adjust its height to the terrain. Jeremy Hughes, Horsch product manager, adds the sprayer also uses a 10-inch nozzle spacing (instead of 20-inch), lower boom height (operating less than 20 inches above the target) and smaller droplets (around 300 microns). Hughes says this optimizes crop penetration and the number of "hits" per square inch while reducing the potential for drift.

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