Farm Show Deere 1745 Compact Planter

Deere 1745 Compact Planter

Deere 1745 Compact Planter (Progressive Farmer image by John Deere)

Deere 1745 Compact Planter

The new John Deere 1745 compact planter is designed to fit.

Sliding into the middle of Deere's planter lineup, it fits for both planting corn and soybeans with a split-row configuration to put down eight rows of corn 30 inches apart or 15 rows of soybeans 15 inches apart.

The main engineering adaptation, however, is its pivot folding, which twists the planter's body from horizontal to vertical in just 40 seconds, leaving the machine 12 feet, 2 inches wide, about as wide as a tractor and a set of duals, for fitting down even narrow roads.

The machine is also designed to fit with whatever tractor an operator may have available, not just the newest, but even some of the oldest. On display at the National Farm Machinery Show, in Louisville, Kentucky, it was hitched to a Deere 4430 tractor built during the Jimmy Carter presidency, a 1977 model.

"We are showing off the compatibility with the planter," Deere product manager Jeffrey Barnes says. "While it is a new planter, you don't need a new tractor to run it. This 4430 will work just fine.

"We used existing technology off our other planters and put it on this planter, so, for instance, this planter actually has a mechanical meter, so it doesn't use a vacuum system, like most planters do on the market," he continues. "For some farmers, that's something they're familiar with. They've run for decades that way, and it requires no hydraulic flow from the tractor. Some of the older tractors don't have the hydraulic pumps of today's tractors you might need to run a vac consistently."

But, Barnes says, the planter can be scaled up as much as a buyer wants. Options will include a central-fill system, vacuum meters, row shutoffs and three different seed hopper options.

"It's an á la carte planter," he says. "It can have as little or as much technology as you want."

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