March 2020 Recent Farmland Sales

Per-Acre Prices (Progressive Farmer image by Progressive Farmer)

COLORADO, Routt County. A 10,350-acre property, Motherwell Ranch, sold for $27 million. Calculated across the property, average price per acre was $2,608. This is the largest recorded sale of a noncommercial property in the county. The ranch was built over four decades and includes a cattle operation, pastures, plentiful wildlife and a multitude of creeks, ponds and rivers. Contact: Brian Smith, Hall and Hall;; 970-879-5544;

ILLINOIS, Macon County. Farmland totaling 240 acres sold at auction for $2.62 million, or $10,917 per acre. The land sold in three tracts, all to a local investor. It included two older grain bins. The soil productivity index (SPI) was reported at 142 out of 147. Contact: Kenny Schum, MWA Auctions and Real Estate;; 217-398-6400;

Champaign County. Tillable farmland totaling 153 acres sold at auction for $1.58 million, or $10,300 per acre. The land, comprised of Class A soils, sold to an area farmer. Contact: John Moss, The Loranda Group Inc.;; 800-716-8189;

KANSAS, Ford County. Irrigated farmland and a farmstead totaling 640 acres sold at auction for $2.13 million. Per-acre prices ranged from $2,500 to $3,850, with an overall land average of $3,328. The farmland included base yields in wheat, corn, grain sorghum and sunflowers. There were four irrigation wells. Contact: Travis Weaver, Farm and Ranch Realty Inc.;; 800-247-7863;

KENTUCKY, Meade County. Farm and recreational property totaling 251 acres sold at auction for $1.06 million, or $4,206 per acre. This land was broken into 14 parcels and included 87 acres of cropland, with the balance in marketable timber, paved road frontage and public water. Average price on the cropland was $7,043 per acre. Contact: Stephen Barr, Barr Realty and Auction Co. Inc.;; 270-422-2136;

MINNESOTA, Becker and Clay counties. Cropland totaling 160 acres sold at auction for $812,000, or $5,075 per acre. The property sold in two parcels. Parcel 1 had excellent access, a soil productivity index (SPI) of 84.3 and base acres in wheat, corn, sunflowers and soybeans. The second parcel had an SPI of 89 and offered development opportunity. Contact: Kevin Pifer, Pifer's Land Auctions;; 877-700-4099;

NEBRASKA, Dodge County. Productive 154-acre farm near Snyder sold at auction for $1.37 million. Average per-acre price was $8,900. The farm, which consisted of rolling cropland, was a half-mile off of paved road. It sold to a local farmer. Contact: Ed Olson, Olson Pearson Auctions and Realty;; 800-820-3934;

NORTH DAKOTA, Stutsman County. Property totaling 806.29 acres sold at auction for $3.34 million, or an average of $4,143 per acre. The land, used in production of corn and soybeans, sold in seven tracts. Soil productivity indexes ranged from 71.2 to 80.9. Contact: Steve Link, Pifer's Land Auctions;; 877-700-4099;

OHIO, Putnam County. Level farmland totaling 247 acres sold privately for $1.81 million. The land sold in six parcels, with an average price per acre of $7,330. Of the 247 acres, 236 were tillable. The farm's longtime tenant farmers were buyers. Contact: Lee Schroeder, Schroeder Law LLC;; 419-659-2058;

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