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Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
AGCO Connect, Image provided by AGCO

A next generation telemetry product, AGCO Connect allows farmers to maximize the efficiency of machinery operations with near real-time visibility into all field operations, including monitoring of fuel and DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) consumption, engine hours, time to service and fault codes, among other functions from all AGCO Corporation platforms a farm may be operating at one time.

It’s the type of data collection and monitoring that allows owner/managers to improve the efficiency of their maintenance and logistics operations.

Dealers will find ways to be proactive rather than reactive with AGCO Connect subscribers and their equipment.

For example, dealers will be able to anticipate maintenance issues, assist with remote diagnostics or dispatch a technician to the field. Or, the dealer will use AGCO Connect to forecast regular service support and schedule it.

AGCO stresses the telemetry data generated by AGCO Connect is the property of the owner unless the owner gives the dealer permission to aggregate that data.

In the “terms of use” contract, the owner must specifically give permission to share data. Otherwise, by default telemetry data is kept private, held only by the owner.

Owners and dealers have the ability to personalize their AGCO Connect application by brand, including Challenger Connect, Fendt Connect and MF Connect.

The interface may look and feel like Massey Ferguson, for example, but it’s the same system with a different skin, the company says.

There is no limit to the number of AGCO machines that can be registered to an AGCO Connect subscription. AGCO Connect does not presently support other, non-AGCO brands.

The system can be installed on older AGCO machines, depending on the platform. The company says this application may be used on some machines that are five and six years old, while on others it may be applicable to machines only two years old. AGCO will continue to support its current applications, such as AgCommand.

AGCO Connect was launched in Europe in 2018. Its North American launch is scheduled for early fall 2019. A free one-year subscription is available to current high horsepower equipment owners. A three-year subscription of AGCO Connect will be available for new application equipment owners.

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