AGCO Teams With Ag Solutions Developer

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There’s a new digital partnership in the ag world. AGCO Corporation has announced it has joined forces with Solinftec, an international developer of digital ag solutions. Solinftec was founded in 2007 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and today does business in 10 countries, including the United States. Solinftec’s software and analytics systems drill down into real-time production bottlenecks in a search for improved efficiencies and logistics.

“By converging communication telemetry operations and climate conditions, we turn large volumes of data into action--allowing for more informed and intelligent decision making,” Solinftec explains. Its hyper-local weather data and crop development tracking assists customers in making “start-stop” decisions during planting, spraying and harvesting operations.

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“Solinftec’s software and hardware solutions work especially well in narrow production windows,” says Darren Goebel, global agronomy and farm solutions director for AGCO. For example, the window to apply fungicides for wheat scab is open for a day or two. Solinftec’s solutions give the wheat producer recommendations on how to best deploy his spraying resources given local conditions and crop maturity.

Solinftec’s hardware and software package includes on-board computers, weather stations, soil sensors, telemetry networks and real-time recommendations--such as recommendations for staging equipment and inputs according to weather expectations.

“[But] these are not solutions in a box,” Goebel says. On one level, Solinftec offers the hardware, telecommunication and software products to address commonalities across crops and regions. Solinftec’s technologies also bore in on local realities, he says.

Solinftec’s platform is processing data from 18 million acres. The smart ag provider is targeting initially U.S. corn and soybean markets. Solinftec’s offerings are being added to AGCO’s Fuse smart farming portfolio. The U.S. launch is 2020. No pricing information is available.

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