Open Farm Discussion

Being active in environmental discussions gives Trey Hill a voice in the practices he uses on his Maryland farm, Image by Pamela Smith

Trey Hill manages a dozen employees and 13,000 acres of farmland overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, one of the most environmentally scrutinized farming regions in the country.

Defensive attitudes have no place in this region, he says. Instead, he prefers to work hand in hand with several environmental groups. Cover crops, solar energy and natural habitats for birds and pollinators are just a few things the farm has implemented.

“We view farmland as a canvas, not a commodity,” Hill says. “And, we see it as a social responsibility to share what we are doing to be sustainable and improve our resources.”

In 2018, the farm joined Bayer Crop Science’s ForwardFarming program. Harborview Farm remains a family owned and operated enterprise, and is one of a dozen independent farms around the world that Bayer utilizes to provide non-farm policymakers and consumers the opportunity to take a real look at modern agriculture processes.

In June, Bayer launched its second ForwardFarm in North America. The six-generation Bowles Farming Co., located in central California, specializes in growing cotton, tomatoes, almonds and several other crops.

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