Handy Devices

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Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Debris Trap, Image by Ralph A. Mark Jr.

DEBRIS TRAP (Editor’s Choice):

“Never fence a draw” is a good rule to live by, says Norbert Hector Sr., Browns Summit, North Carolina. During periods of high water flow, a fence can act as a dam, collecting debris and trash moving downstream. The fence may fail under the weight of debris and increased water flow. Hector fixed the problem by installing a “trash fence” upstream from the primary fence. The trash fence does what its name says: It intercepts debris coming downstream prior to that material reaching the main fence. The trash can be removed once the water recedes.


Garland Leonard, Weatherford, Oklahoma, needed a wheelchair ramp for his home. His wife’s nephew, James Plummer, built a conventional plywood ramp. Garland suggested covering the plywood with hay baler belting. The belts were laid down onto the ramp, rough side up, and held in place with wood screws. Notice the belt sections extend beyond the bottom edge of the ramp. That allows easier access to the ramp.


Denver Traum, Mount Carroll, Illinois, uses a bale hook to the hold the bottom of his oxygen tanks. It’s a good handle that works well, he says.

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