Infrastructure Priorities

Image by Jim Patrico

The Soy Transportation Coalition has released its “10 Most Wanted” infrastructure priorities for policymakers to use as a guide:

1. Maintain and rehabilitate locks and dams.

2. Dredge the lower Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico to 50 feet.

3. Maintain the Columbia River shipping channel to at least 43 feet.

4. Permit six-axle, 91,000-pound semis on the interstate system.

5. Raise the federal gas and diesel tax by 10 cents and index to inflation.

6. Ensure solid funding for locks and dams along the inland waterway system.

7. Provide state block grants to replace the top 20 most critical rural bridges.

8. Acquire state grants for rural bridge load-testing projects.

9. Use Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund fully for port improvements.

10. Extend the short line railroad tax credit.


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