Progressive Agriculture Safety Days

Dig into SAFETY this spring. Prepare for planting season with Progressive Agriculture Safety Days.

Participants at a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day learn the importance of calling 811 before beginning any digging project, Image by Progressive Agriculture Foundation

Did you know that April is National Safe Digging Month? Disturbance to an underground utility line can cause damage to the environment, serious personal injuries and disruption of service for the neighborhood, which could lead to expenses in fines and repair costs. Failure to call 811 before digging results in damage to a buried utility and occurs once every 6 minutes across the United States; however, a free and easy phone call to 811 a few days prior to the start of your digging project can prevent this from happening.

At Progressive Agriculture Safety Days, participants learn that with all outdoor digging projects, no matter large or small, it is important to call 811 before you dig. Thanks to a unique partnership with our 5-star sponsor, TransCanada, this topic has been brought to the forefront with an Underground Utilities Safety Module for use at Progressive Agriculture Safety Days throughout North America. Additional support for awareness of underground utilities safety has been received from CHS, Enbridge and Alliance Pipeline.

“Prior to attending Progressive Agriculture Safety Day, many children were not aware of 811 but are now educated about it.” – Susan Harris-Broomfield, Safety Day Coordinator, Franklin, Nebraska.

“Some Progressive Agriculture Safety Day participants have stopped their parents from digging before calling 811 and encouraged them to dig safe.” – Joan Menzie, Safety Day Coordinator, Sublette, Kansas.


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