Handy Devices

Easy-to-build ideas make your work easier.

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Red on White, Image by Ralph A. Mark Jr.

Red on White (Editor’s Choice):

Kenneth Hinnenkamp, Melrose, Minnesota, was walking through a large barn one day and found that he could not see his fire extinguishers--even though he knew four were mounted around the building. He thought of a fix. Around the four sides of each of the 6 x 6 posts holding the extinguishers, he wrapped pieces of white plastic. The red extinguishers stood out against the white background making them easy to see should an emergency arise.

Wire Stretcher:

So, how do you keep 80 feet of electric wire pulled tight? John Sawyers, Puryear, Tennessee, has to stretch an electric fence gate across an 80-foot opening to his hay barn. To keep the wire from sagging, he attached a screen door spring to the gate handle and the wire to the spring.

Rolling rims:

Brian Cottrell, Upton, Kentucky, made a portable worktable from scrap rims. The table stand is made from two rims welded together. For the tabletop, he salvaged a fan from an old spreader truck. The fan, he notes, is a bit concave. But, that makes it a great surface to hold nuts, bolts and tools that may otherwise roll off onto the shop floor. He also mounted a 4-inch vise to the top. Cottrell welded four wheels, two onto each of two pieces of 1-inch bar steel. He welded the bars to the bottom of the stand.

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