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Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Floating fencepost, Image by Ralph A. Mark Jr.

Sarah Harvill, Meadville, Mississippi, was looking for a way to give her cattle limited access to the pond from four different pastures. To do it, she fashioned a floating fencepost. Using 2-inch PVC, she made a T-shaped structure. She filled the “T” with spray foam and capped the three ends. This allows it to float. Next, she drilled four cross holes into the PVC, two in one direction and two in the other. Through these holes, Harvill inserted short lengths of 14-gauge electric fence wire. She made loops of all four ends and attached four strands of wire to each loop, two running north and south, and two running east and west.
This divides the pond into four sections.

Cattle Panel Hooks:

Patrick Crumrine, Castroville, Texas, looked around one day and saw he had quite a few pieces of 4 x 4 cattle panel wire laying around. He thought of a way to use it. When his workshop was built, he had the cross purling installed upside down. This created a narrow storage shelf. This shelf, he figured, also created a perfect place to hang “double-H”-shaped pieces of the cattle panel (see how the panel pieces are cut and then bent). Crumrine made the bends by putting the open ends of the panel piece into equally spaced holes drilled into the side of his bench. He bent the piece over to create the hook-shaped ends.

Well Pipe Cattle Guard:

Wade Walters, Shickley, Nebraska, found a way to build an inexpensive cattle crossing guard using pipe from his farm. For the main frame, he used 10-foot-long well columns salvaged from an old 8-inch well. The cross members, spaced 4 inches apart, are made from oil pipe. All the pieces are welded; no bolts were used. To ensure a better weld for the cross members, Walters used his hydraulic press to slightly compress the ends of the pipe. The press action created more welding surface for the pipes.

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