Handy Devices

Easy-to-build ideas make your work easier.

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Two-person, light-changing basket, illustration by Ralph A. Mark Jr.

Jerry Treml, Luxemburg, Wisconsin, wanted a safer way to change light bulbs in his free-stall barns. Normally, he would prop a ladder in the raised bucket of his skid-steer loader to do the job. To make that work safer, he purchased an extended reach arm that attaches to the skid-steer loader. Then, he welded together a basket that was attached to the end of the reach. It is big enough for two people who can work up to 35 feet off the ground.

Rake stacks the brush:

Howard Richards, Pittsfield, Illinois, made a brush rake that fits to his front loader. He used 4-inch square pipe and a half-dozen chisel plow shanks. Two clamps keep the rake in place while he pushes
brush into piles.

Hitch-mounted vise:

Charles Beers, Dixon, Missouri, carries his shop vise with him to the field. To do it, he welded two pieces of square tube steel together on a 45-degree angle. One end of the tubing fits into the hitch receiver. There, Beers drilled a horizontal hole through the tubing to match the holes in the receiver. A pin fits through the holes to secure the assembly to his truck. Beers welded a steel plate to the other end of the tube steel. He cut holes into the plate matching the mounting holes on the vise and bolted the vise to the steel plate.

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