Handy Devices

Easy-to-build ideas make your work easier.

Dan Miller
By  Dan Miller , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Gear Hold, Image by Ralph A. Mark Jr.

Dwight Carter, Camden, Tennessee, bolted a 1¼-inch length of round bar to the toolbox in his pickup bed. The bar created an anchor point for securing loads in the bed, and it protects the toolbox from shifting supplies and equipment.


When replacing a frost-proof hydrant, Joseph Barnett, Rockville, Indiana, buries a 35-gallon drum, both ends removed, around the new hydrant. He fills the inside of the drum with white rock, the size used in driveways. The rock provides drainage for water and makes replacement of the hydrant a simpler task in the future.


Calvin Smith, East Dixfield, Maine, often hauls equipment from one field to the other with his pickup. The problem is what to do with the PTO shaft. He devised a solution with two pieces of plate steel--each 11 inches long x 3 inches wide--a PTO shaft and two 5⁄8-inch lynch pins. Smith welded the two pieces of plate steel at a 90-degree angle. The PTO shaft is welded onto the vertical section of the plate steel assembly. The lynch pins are welded to the bottom of the assembly at the point where they will slide down through the bumper hitch mounts on the pickup.

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