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Amazone trailed sprayer offers many

Jim Patrico
By  Jim Patrico , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
The UX 01 Super comes in 80- to 120-foot boom widths. Options include auto-boom height control, single-nozzle section control and auto rinsing, Image provided by the manufacturer

Let’s face it, trailed and mounted sprayers mostly are the not-so-smart, not-so-big cousins of sleek, speedy self-propelled models. Whereas self-propelled sprayers are packed with technology for broad-acre work, pull-behinds are pretty basic and work on a smaller scale.

But not always. German sprayer manufacturer Amazone introduced the UX 01 Super trailed sprayer at last fall’s Agritechnica. It comes in boom widths of about 80 to 120 feet and has features like auto-boom height control, section control down to a single nozzle and auto rinsing. ISOBUS connections put all controls in the hands of an operator in the tractor cab.

The UX 01 Super is not a high-clearance machine--its axle height is similar to the tractor that pulls it--but it is highly maneuverable on its steerable axle that turns up to 28 degrees.

Besides technology to control boom height, the sprayer features horizontal swing control, says Amazone export manager Peter Lizala. The flex inherent in long booms can make spray patterns less uniform. The UX 01 Super comes with patented StopSwing technology that uses fast-acting hydraulic cylinders to minimize horizontal movement and make application more consistent. The technology won a silver medal for innovation at Agritechnica.

Features. Programmable nozzle shutoff comes through Amazone’s AmaSelect system, which will be ready for the North American market soon, Lizala says. It provides pulse width modulation (PWM) capability via solenoids at each nozzle. The system can help ensure accurate spraying by controlling pressure at the nozzle no matter the ground speed.

Amazone offers an optional spot-spray system for the UX 01 Super and other sprayers in its lineup. AmaSpot has a chlorophyll-recognition sensor system similar to that used by GreenSeeker. It recognizes green plants against bare soil or stubble, then triggers precise bursts of herbicide to eliminate the weeds. The PWM system keeps the targeted spray at appropriate volumes.

Options. An optional auto-fill system features a touchscreen control panel--operable even when using gloves. Program the desired formula, hit the go button, and the machine mixes water and chemical in the correct proportions, and keeps it there with an intelligent agitation system that works even in the field.

Cleaning and rinsing also can be automated. A 10-step process can take only three minutes for general cleaning, Lizala says. For intensive cleaning, 30 steps take 15 to 20 minutes. A triple-rinse cycle could be up to an hour long.

The UX 01 Super comes with 1,100-, 1,400- and 1,600-gallon materials tanks and freshwater tanks at 10% of corresponding capacity.

The UX 01 Super is scheduled to be available for the U.S. in January 2019. Price estimates are about $60,000 for a basic model to $113,000 for an upgrade with options. Prices do not include transport and import costs.

Amazone has North American distribution centers in Illinois and Quebec.


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