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Herd Health and Genomics in One Spot

Victoria G Myers
By  Victoria G. Myers , Progressive Farmer Senior Editor
Cow-calf producers have another choice in the growing industry of data collection and management. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photos by Becky Mills)

Data management has become a priority for many in the cattle industry, as they work to get maximum benefit from DNA testing and herd health expenditures. A new website, AgBoost, creates a home for, and provides analysis of, that data.

Based out of Oklahoma City, AgBoost is the brainchild of Sean Akadiri. At its heart the site is a decision dashboard combining tools producers need to make timely marketing, health and genomic selection choices. It was developed and beta-tested with support from producers, Extension and industry experts.

Akadiri, president of the company, said the site allows users to "quickly visualize and easily manage information to cut costs and increase profit potential."

At this time the DNA side of the website is more targeted toward cow-calf producers, he explained. AgBoost uses Igenity genomic tests to analyze hair samples. Tests are ordered through AgBoost, and returned data can be analyzed for selection, breeding and marketing decisions at the same site. Producers who want to share their data, or any of their online records, with others in their organization or outside advisors, can set up their account to allow this access. All data is stored in a secure, cloud-type platform said Akadiri.

He stressed the site is easy to personalize. "Animal record keeping is not generic," he noted. "AgBoost is designed so that producers can add their own information and structure records the way they want them."

There are currently three AgBoost levels available to subscribers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Bronze level is free once an account is created. At this level producers have access to localized weather information, market reports, AgBoost tutorials and a news feed.

Silver subscribers pay 20 cents per animal, per month (in 50-animal increments). The minimum cost is $10 per month. At this level, online animal management tools are included. Gold subscribers pay 50 cents per animal, per month (also in 50-animal increments). Minimum cost here is $25 per month. This level adds genetic analysis tools.

The site, which launched to the public this summer, has not yet opened up membership for its Platinum level. That will include value forecasting, breeding guidance, nutrition suggestions and lineage tracking. Akadiri says ultimately their goal is to have a member-to-member sales forum, where cattle can be bought and sold based on genetic reports created within the site. He anticipates this will be available in 2018.

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Victoria Myers